Email Bounces: Are Yours Automatically Removed? Maybe Not!

Not all ESPs are the same. Your ESP may or may not be unsubscribing your bounced subscribers after three or four or whatever consecutive bounces.

So a quick post here to start a conversation. I really want to hear from you on this. I’m curious as to what your ESP’s settings are and whether or not you can change them.

Here’s the issue. If your send frequency is only one or two per month and your ESP doesn’t unsubscribe bounces until an address bounces 3 or 4 times in a 30- or 45-day time frame, the bounces will never be unsubscribed. You’ll continue to see your bounce rate increase and your email reputation will eventually suffer.

Do you know what your default setting is? Can you change it? Have you? And after you read this, do you know what to do?

Comment below and let me know what your settings are.


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