Set the height and width of images in emails

In my series of demonstrating what not to do in email marketing, the next victim is CrackBerry. I love ‘em. I go there weekly but this is basic stuff. I have to share.


1) Set the height and width of images in emails and get your message seen.

2) To allow for the auto-preview in Outlook, don’t lead with an image as seen here and eek out another bit of response by showing actionable text instead of <img src=”…>

Height and width not set so featured offers are off the screen

Here it is with images enabled:

if they had just set height and width these offers would be visible

Almost there. Nice mix of text and images but the offers were pushed off the screen by a simple mistake.

Posted: April 14th, 2010
at 3:20pm by Rob Van Slyke

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