Victim #4: Send me relevant emails

If you’re following this series (#FAIL in the categories to the right), you might pick up on the fact that I subscribe to motorcycle websites… I ride a sport bike. I buy sport bike accessories. I indicate that I ride a sport bike in my subscription preferences. And I don’t click on anything else but sport bike emails and links. Despite all this intelligence I’m giving them to cater to my interests I continue to get off-road emails and I’m unsubscribing.

This email is from a brick and mortar that moved online and still doesn’t completely get it. Cycle Gear.


1) You could get me to enable images if you sent me relevant emails with live text I could see that compelled me to enable images.

2) I’m not a design critic but this email screams print designer that doesn’t get it. (See below)

3) Condense the share icons to mini icons and stick them towards the top.

4) Do everything in the previous posts in this series.

5) Send me relevant emails. Send me relevant emails. Send me relevant emails.

Images disabled:

Scroll way over to the right because height and width were not set and see what you find:

Images enabled:

Lower half of email with images enabled:

Posted: April 19th, 2010
at 10:05am by Rob Van Slyke

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