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HEY. Emails don’t perform with images disabled.

I’m going to start featuring all the emails I get that don’t perform with images disabled.

Here’s one from BikeBandit. Notice how far over to the right you can scroll.


1) Make your email perform with images disabled. Maintain a balance of text and images and make sure your primary message or call to action appears in live text with images disabled. Don’t count on alt text to help you out. It doesn’t work on many email clients.

2) Set the height and width on all images and recipients will not have to scroll to the right to see something – assuming they don’t immediately close the email.

Email rendering with images disabled

What’s over there to the right anyway? Oh. Live text. Not much but it will never be seen. Most people won’t scroll down or over before making a decision to open, file for later or delete.

Here it is with images enabled.

Email rendering with images enabled

Posted: April 14th, 2010
at 10:55am by Rob Van Slyke

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