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Hurting/Helping Your Brand With Unsubscribe Process

Hurting/Helping Your Brand With Unsubscribe Process

Do you immediately honor unsubscribe requests or do you have such an arduous process to remove people that it involves many manual steps and takes weeks?

I get it. Many of you do have a nightmare scenario and you’re not alone. There are countless companies that have multiple sources to pull from and multiple databases to update but that’s still no excuse for damaging your brand’s reputation and your email reputation.

Quickly fulfilling on leads and sales generated by email campaigns is important. Prospects and customers keep the lights on. Quickly responding to unsubscribe requests can also contribute to the bottom line. You literally save on distribution costs but that’s not what I’m talking about.

If someone wants off your list, get ‘em off! It means they didn’t click the spam button to stop receiving your emails as many others do. They actually followed your unsubscribe call to action. Honor it. If you don’t, some will get upset and publicly trash your brand.

Another reason is ISPs get more sophisticated every day. If you continue sending to an unsubscriber and they ignore your emails, the ISP will eventually pick up on your continued sending to someone who doesn’t care about your emails. The ISP doesn’t know that they requested to be unsubscribed but they do know you aren’t keeping a clean list because you keep sending to a bunch of inactive subscribers.

Don’t risk tarnishing your brand and affecting your deliverability.

Below is a random collection of tweets from people upset about their unsubscribe experience. Many are referencing brands. Do you think others will subscribe after hearing this? Do you think they will buy from these brands? Do you think more will unsubscribe after hearing this?

The old school thought that hiding or rephrasing the unsubscribe link will prevent list attrition is not the kind of list attrition you want to prevent! Protect your brand and email reputation by making it easy to unsubscribe from your emails and/or change the kinds of emails they receive.

Tweets over a period of about 6 hours:

Wanted to change my subscriptions but the only option was to unsubscribe. So I did.

So if you randomly receive a marketing email from Carlsberg and you want to unsubscribe, you HAVE to provide lots of personal data to do so.

@Fulcrum_CR haha. I swear i have clicked unsubscribe AT LEAST 3 times on this sodding newsletter and every couple weeks I get another :@

RT @seanprice: how many times do I have to click UNSUBSCRIBE before you get the point?? > Once more please Sean :>

how many times do I have to click UNSUBSCRIBE before you get the point??

Annoying: Unsubscribe buttons that don’t work. Result: Disinterest in the subject becomes resent toward the sender.

Today = Unsubscribe day … Too many worthless newsletters in my inbox. Time for spring cleaning! #Unsubscribe

@tagetik the unsubscribe link does not offer me a unsubscribe possibility

I hate it when I have to type in my email to unsubscribe. You emailed me, you SHOULD have it. 1-click should be plenty.

I’ve been going on an unsubscribe rampage today. If your company emails me, you better have a bloody unsubscribe link!

Do you waste time deleting unwanted items in your inbox each day? UNSUBSCRIBE from newsletters and mailing lists that no longer interest you

It is easy to subscribe for things on the net that send you emails… SO DAMN HARD TO UNSUBSCRIBE!!! ARGH >_< #AshysInbox

Dear Myer, why does it take 5 working days to unsubscribe me from your mailing list?

how many times do i need to unsubscribe my email from the gd KABOODLE email list that i never signed up for??!!

the inability to unsubscribe from TechDay is driving me mental

not happy with @delloutlet USA,click unsubscribe in email,then 2nd time,then again,then check boxes,then finally submit..arghhhhhh

Is it strange that, whenever people unsubscribe, i actually feel relieved because that usually means a hater/negative subscriber has left?

RT @KISSmetrics: Unsubscribe links at the TOP of your emails can lead to higher conversions #measure

Don’t disguise your unsubscribe link. Use the word Unsubscribe. Show them which email address the email was sent to so they know which email address to type in if you don’t pass it to the unsubscribe page. Reduce the number of subscribers who actually unsubscribe by creating multiple subscription options on the subscription preferences page to give them more control over what they receive e.g. create separate subscriptions for offers, news and updates, newsletters, etc.

Download this as a presentation.

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Posted: June 16th, 2010
at 10:15am by Rob Van Slyke

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